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Affiliated Graduate Faculty



Disciplinary Training or Approach


Kadji Amin

Associate Professor of WGSS

Feminist Studies and Romance Studies

The disorienting effects of the queer and transgender past on politicized fields of scholarship

Dwight Andrews

Professor of Music

Music Theory

Black music and race

Susan Ashmore

Charles Howard Candler Professor of History (Oxford College)


20th-century Civil Rights in the U.S. South

Jericho Brown

Charles Howard Candler Professor of English and Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Creative writing, race, and African American literature

Karida L. Brown

Professor of Sociology


Ontologies of race, racialization, and racism

Mariana Candido

Professor of History


West Central Africa during the era of the transatlantic slave trade, including the history of slavery; forced migration and labor; the South Atlantic world; and the African diaspora

Adriana Chira

Associate Professor of History


Atlantic history; Cuba in world history; race; slavery and the law; the African diaspora; public history

Aisha Finch

Associate Professor of WGSS


Cuban and Comparative Atlantic Slavery; Transnational Black Feminism; Black Women's Histories & Cultural Production; the Caribbean and Latin American History; Global Black Feminist Movements; Political and Social Movements in the African Diaspora; Black Cultural Studies

Lydia Fort

Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance

Theatre Studies

African American theatre, multi-modal performance, directing, non-western approaches to dramaturgy, eco-theatre (theatre and ecological crises and sustainability), the self-in performance and new play development

Robert M. Franklin

James T. and Berta R. Laney Professor in Moral Leadership (Candler)

Ethics and Religion

Social ethics, psychology and African American religion

Andra Gillespie

Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the James Weldon Johnson Institute

Political Science

African American politics, particularly the politics of the post–Civil Rights generation of leadership, and political participation

Eric Goldstein

Associate Professor of History & Director of Jewish Studies


American Jewish history and culture, modern Jewish history, American social and cultural history

Alison Collis Greene

Associate Professor of American Religious History (Candler)


American religions as they relate to politics, wealth and poverty, race and ethnicity, the environment, and the modern rural South

Jill B. Hamilton


Associate Professor (Nursing)

Nursing & Bioethics

Health disparities, social, and cultural factors that influence health, and the coping strategies used among older African American cancer survivors and their families

Tayari Jones

Charles Howard Candler Professor of English & Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Creative writing, race, and African American literature

Axelle Karera

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Intersection of 20th century continental philosophy, the critical philosophy of race (particularly Black critical theory), contemporary critical theory, and the environmental humanities

Daniel LaChance

Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellow in Law and the Humanities & Associate Professor of History

American Studies, History

Intersections of American legal and cultural history, criminology, and literary studies

Tené T. Lewis

Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Rollins)


Health, psychology/psychosocial epidemiology, with an emphasis on cardiovascular health in African American women

Valérie Loichot

Professor of French & Italian

French, Comparative Literature

Francophone and Anglophone literature, culture, theory, and aesthetics of the Americas (Greater Caribbean, U.S. South)

Maria R. Montalvo

Assistant Professor of History


Slavery, capitalism, and the law in the 19th-century United States

Michael Leo Owens

Professor of Political Science

Political Science

Urban politics; state and local politics; the politics of criminal punishment; governance and public policy processes; religion and politics; and African American politics

Nichole R. Phillips

Associate Professor in the Practice of Sociology of Religion and Culture; Director of Black Church Studies (Candler)

Sociology, Religion

Religion and culture, race, ethnicity and gender, cultural anthropology with a focus on ethnographic research, and ritual performances of religion

Dehanza Rogers

Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies & Director of Production

Film Studies

Criminalization of Black girls in schools, among other themes

Alyasah A. Sewell

Associate Professor of Sociology


Quantitative approaches to racism studies; empirical links between the political economy of race and racial health and healthcare disparities using policing and housing policy data

Falguni Sheth

Professor of WGSS


Continental and political philosophy, legal and critical race theory and philosophy of race, post-colonial, theory, and subaltern and gender studies

Beretta E. Smith-Shomade

Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies

Media Studies

Black presences in visual culture

Kylie Smith

Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellow for Nursing and the Humanities (Nursing)


History of psychiatry, history of nursing, racism and civil rights in health care

Carl Suddler

Associate Professor of History


20th-century U.S. history, African American urban history, histories of crime and punishment, the carceral state, sport history, and histories of childhood and youth

Chris Suh

Assistant Professor of History


United States in the Pacific World; Asian American History; Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; the Progressive Era

Jason Morgan Ward

Professor of History


African American history, history of the American South, History of the United States since Reconstruction, violence and extremism, historical memory

George Yancy

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Philosophy


Critical philosophy of race, critical whiteness studies, critical phenomenology (especially, on racial embodiment), and philosophy of the Black experience