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Minor Requirements

Seven courses are required for the minor in African American Studies. The courses emphasize the historical agency of African American and other peoples of African descent. The courses, listed below, also focus on the centrality of race, racism, and racial formation in the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

Print Course Requirements

A note about the Emory Degree Tracker in OPUS: It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the Emory College requirements for graduation as noted in the College Catalog AND for graduation with an AAS minor as confirmed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Academic Degree Program Coordinator during advising appointments.


Area Requirement



Course Description


Introductory Requirement

AAS 100: Intro to African American Studies (4 credits)


History Core Requirement

HIST 238/AAS 238 (African American History to 1865) or HIST 239/AAS 239 (African American History Since 1865)


Literature Core Requirement

AAS 261/261W (Survey of African American Literature to 1900) or AAS 262/262W (African American Literature Since 1900)


Humanities Area Requirement

Any other AAS course that is cross listed with the following departments:AMST, ARTHIST, CPLT, ENG, ENGCW, FILM, FREN, HIST, MUS, PHIL, REL, SPAN and other approved courses


Social Science Area Requirement

Any other AAS course that is cross listed with the following departments:ANTH, ECON, EDS, HIST, POLS, PSYC, SOC, WGS and other approved courses


African or Diaspora Area Requirement

Any other AAS course in which students study people of African descent outside of the United States and is listed or cross listed with the following departments:AFS, LACS and other approved courses


Civil and Human Rights Area Requirement

AAS 267/W, 350, 352, 370, 410/W, 412/W, 481 or other approved courses