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Gabrielle GrayProvost’s Postdoctoral Fellow

Gabrielle Gray is a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow with Emory University's College of Arts and Sciences. Her research and teaching focuses on race and politics; particularly how constructions of racial sympathy influence responses from the political system. Dr. Gray is currently working on a book project, tentatively entitled, Brewing Outrage: The Role of Racial Sympathy in Shaping the Political Response to Police Shootings, which examines race and policing in Milwaukee, WI.

Dr. Gray brings a wealth of experience working directly with individuals from BIPOC communities in combating discrimination and social injustices. Her personal commitment to racial justice and civil rights protections are reflected in her professional, personal, and academic endeavors.

Dr. Gray is a graduate of Marquette University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Educational Policy and Leadership. She earned her PhD in Political Science from the Howard University with concentrations in American Government and Black Politics. Prior to arriving at Emory, Dr. Gray was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.