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Schedule of Events

Fall 2022 Schedule

Friday, September 16

Friday, October 14

Friday, November 11

  • Maria Montalvo, “An Act of Sale: Making Enslaved Property in Antebellum New Orleans” 

  • Tiffany Player, “‘What the New Negro Has Done’: The Negro Building and the Making of the Ex-Slave Public”

Friday, December 9

  • Lia T. Bascomb, For the Benefit of Society: Migrant Land Ownership and Negotiated Belonging

  • Adriana Chira, “Rights by Possession: Post-Emancipation Land Politics in Cuba, 1880s-1930s”

Spring 2023 Schedule

Friday, February 10

  • Meina Yates-Richard, “Policing ‘Black Noise’ from the Civil Rights Era through Black Lives Matter”  

  • Tiara Jackson, “Black Femme Remains: Holy Hunger”

Friday, March 17

  • Bayo Holsey, “The Oprah Affect: White Abolitionism, Neoliberal Compassion, and the Humanitarian Frontier”

Friday, April 14

  • Harcourt Fuller, “'The Great Negro Town’: Historical and Contemporary Resonances of (Old) Nanny Town as a Geo-Political, Military, and Cultural Safe Space for Maroon Resistance Against British Slavery and its Afterlives in Jamaica”

  • Aisha Finch, TBD

Friday, May 12

  • Kyrah Daniels, "Ties that Bind: Knots & Visual Density in Black Atlantic Sacred Bundles" 

  • Ras Michael Brown, “Put On A Hunter’s Shirt: Violence, Protection, and Spiritual Hunting in Bolsas de Mandinga, 1660s-1740s”