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Anjuli WebsterMellon Sawyer Dissertation Fellow


B.A. University of Pretoria
MA. University of Dar es Salaam
M.A. University of Witwatersrand

Research Interests

Global History
Law and Empire


"Water’s Power: Ecologies of Sovereignty, Race, and Resistance in Ssouth Indianic Africa"

Faculty Advisors


As a student of African and Global history, I am interested in the convergence of local and global forces in south Indianic Africa in the nineteenth century. I use water as way to make sense of these processes. How has water shaped the history of a region that is surrounded by ocean, brimming with rivers, and yet prone to drought? Water has been central to the complex accelerations and transformations in southern Africa over the past two hundred years, shaping ecologies of sovereignty, race, dispossession, and resistance. It is not only a geographical site where history takes place. It is also a historical force which shapes the routes, convergences, possibilities and, choices of human and non-human actors and collectives.

I also have an ongoing project on the intellectual history and sociology of knowledge of anthropology and social science in twentieth-century South Africa. For a list of presentations and publications see