Casidy Campbell

Postgraduate Journeys

“African American Studies was a formative experience for me at Emory. It was an enjoyable but also most rigorous major. I developed great relationships with most—if not all—of my professors. The classes I took armed me with the necessary knowledge to combat oppression, but the major was also a haven for me. Being a Mellon Mays Fellow also helped because it definitely shaped my postgraduate trajectory. One of my favorite classes was Black Women’s Poetry, taught by Dr. Warren. In this class I was able to expand upon my love of poetry, which has been critical to my development at Emory and as a person. That class exposed me to so many black women poets and sharpened my ability to analyze poetry. Dr. Warren’s passion and connectedness to the poetry world also shone through when we got to meet key poets such as Sonia Sanchez in her class. She also helped us access the poems in ways to make sense of who we are and our experiences as black women (and men).”

In her senior year, Casidy received recognition as a Woman of Excellence through the Center for Women at Emory and was named a 100 Senior Honorary. She is currently pursuing her PhD in the Department of American Culture at the University of Michigan.